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Q: Can I completely disable Tower's email login feature?

The email login feature cannot be completely removed from the Tower login screen.

Q: How can I restrict Tower access to only a subset of email addresses?

You can restrict which emails are allowed to have automatic access to your Tower implementation via a configuration in tower.yml.

Users without automatic access will receive an acknowledgment of their login request but be unable to access the platform until approved by a Tower administration via the Administrator Console.

# This any email address that matches a pattern here will have automatic access.
- '*@seqera.io`    
- 'named_user@example.com'

Q: Why is my OIDC redirect_url set to http instead of https?

This can occur for several reasons. Please verify the following:

  1. Your TOWER_SERVER_URL environment variable uses the https:// prefix.
  2. Your tower.yml has micronaut.ssl.enabled set to true.
  3. Any Load Balancer instance that sends traffic to the Tower application is configured to use HTTPS as its backend protocol rather than TCP.

Q: Why isn't my OIDC callback working?

Callbacks could fail for many reasons. To more effectively investigate the problem:

  1. Set the Tower environment variable to TOWER_SECURITY_LOGLEVEL=DEBUG.
  2. Ensure your TOWER_OIDC_CLIENTTOWER_OIDC_SECRET, and TOWER_OIDC_ISSUER environment variables all match the values specified in your OIDC provider's corresponding application.
  3. Ensure your network infrastructure allow necessary egress and ingress traffic.

Q: Why did Google SMTP start returning Username and Password not accepted errors?

Previously functioning Tower Enterprise email integration with Google SMTP are likely to encounter errors as of May 30, 2022 due to a security posture change implemented by Google.

To reestablish email connectivity, please follow the instructions at https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/3466521 to provision an app password. Update your TOWER_SMTP_PASSWORD environment variable with the app password, and restart the application.

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