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Q: Can Tower integrate with 3rd party Java-based Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solutions?

Yes. You can mount the APM solution's JAR file in the backend container and set the agent JVM option via the JAVA_OPTS env variable.

Q: Is it possible to retrieve the trace file for a Tower-based workflow run?

Yes. Although it is not possible to download the file directly via Tower, you can configure your workflow to export the file to persistent storage:

1. Set the following block in your nextflow.config:

trace {
    enabled = true

2. Add a copy command to your pipeline's Advanced options > Post-run script field:

# Example: Export the generated trace file to an S3 bucket
# Ensure that your Nextflow head job has the necessary permissions to interact with  
# the target storage medium!
aws s3 cp ./trace.txt s3://MY_BUCKET/trace/trace.txt

Q: When monitoring pipeline execution via the Runs tab, why do I occasionally see Tower reporting "Live events sync offline"?

Nextflow Tower uses server-sent events to push real-time updates to your browser. The client must establish a connection to the Nextflow Tower server's /api/live endpoint to initiate the stream of data, and this connection can occasionally fail due to factors like network latency.

To resolve the issue, please try reloading the UI to reinitiate the client's connection to the server. If reloading fails to resolve the problem, please contact Seqera Support for assistance with webserver timeout settings adjustments.

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