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Modified on Wed, 14 Sep 2022 at 05:44 AM

Q: There are several nf-launcher images available in the Seqera image registry. How can I tell which one is most appropriate for my implementation?

Your Tower implementation knows the nf-launcher image version it needs and will specify this value automatically when launching a pipeline.

If you are restricted from using public container registries, please see Tower Enterprise Release Note instructions (example) for the specific image you should use and how to set this as the default when invoking pipelines.

Q: The nf-launcher is pinned to a specific Nextflow version. How can I make it use a different release?

Each Nextflow Tower release uses a specific nf-launcher image by default. This image is loaded with a specific Nextflow version, meaning that any workflow run in the container uses this Nextflow version by default. You can force your jobs to use a newer/older version of Nextflow with any of the following strategies:

  1. Use the Pre-run script advanced launch option to set the desired Nextflow version. Example: export NXF_VER=22.08.0-edge
  2. For jobs executing in an AWS Batch compute environment, create a custom job definition which references a different nf-laucher image.

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