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Q: Can Tower integrate with private docker registries like JFrog Artifactory?

Yes. Tower-invoked jobs can pull container images from private docker registries. The method to do so differs depending on platform, however:

  • If using AWS Batch, modify your EC2 Launch Template as per these AWS directions.
    • This solution requires that your Docker Engine be at least version 17.07 to use --password-stdin.
    • You may need to add the following additional commands to your Launch Template, depending on your security posture:
      cp /root/.docker/config.json /home/ec2-user/.docker/config.json && chmod 777 /home/ec2-user/.docker/config.json
  • If using Azure Batch, create a Container Registry-type credential in your Tower Workspace and associate it with the Azure Batch object also defined in the Workspace.
  • If using Kubernetes, use an imagePullSecret as per

Q: Why does my Nextflow log show a Remote resource not found error when trying to contact the workflow repository?

This error can occur if the Nextflow head job fails to retrieve the necessary repository credentials from Nextflow Tower.

To determine if this is the case, please do the following:

  1. Check your Nextflow log for an entry like DEBUG nextflow.scm.RepositoryProvider - Request [credentials -:-].
  2. If the above is true, check the protocol of the string that was assigned to your Tower instance's TOWER_SERVER_URL configuration value. It is possible this has been erroneously set to http rather than https.

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