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Last Updated: 4:55 CST, Nov 27, 2023

  • Announcements Are Moving to the Seqera Status Page

In the near future, all Seqera Platform (formerly Tower) and Wave status information will be moved permanently to the Seqera Status Page. Please turn to that page going forward as the single source of truth for system status and incident updates.

  • TowerForge AWS Launch Template errors on Seqera Platform (Cloud) v23.3

    Earlier versions of Seqera Platform (Cloud) v23.3 suffered a regression (released Oct 9/23) which caused AWS EC2 Launch Templates generated by TowerForge to not have the AWS cli installed on the host. This caused operations like boot disk resizing to fail.

    The regression is fixed in Seqera Platform (Cloud) Version 23.3.0-cycle23_ff75b25 (released Nov 23/23), and will not be present in Seqera Platform (Enterprise) release v23.3.0.

  • Email problems related to TLS v1.2 

    Some clients with older Seqera Platform implementations have reported sudden problems with formerly-working SMTP integrations (specifically TLS errors).

    If you also encounter this problem, try resolving the issue by specifying the `ssl` key in your implementation's tower.yml. (Note: The exact TLS version required will depend on your specific solution provider's implementation; please consult their documentation).

    # tower.yml
      ### from: "${TOWER_CONTACT_EMAIL}"
        ### host: ${TOWER_SMTP_HOST}
        ### port: ${TOWER_SMTP_PORT}
        ### user: ${TOWER_SMTP_USER}
        ### password: ${TOWER_SMTP_PASSWORD}
        auth: true
          enable: true
          required: true
          # Specific TLS version dependent on solution.
          protocols: "TLSv1.2"

  • Wave service degradation

    Starting Friday, September 29/23, there was an issue with the Wave service which appears related to its Java HTTP client dependency: 

    This issue caused the HTTP thread service to not be released and become permanently stuck in waiting status. As a result, the Wave service thread pool was exhausted and resulted in performance degradation. 

    A patch was released on Monday, October 2/23 as an interim workaround while the bug awaits patching in the upstream JDK.  

  • Tower Enterprise Redis container EOL

    As of August 2023, Seqera Labs updated Tower Enterprise deployment artefacts to use redis:6.0 rather than redis:5.0.8. 

    Clients who installed Tower Enterprise prior to this change should consider upgrading their redis container version.

    Please note that upgrading your redis container while there are active in-flight pipelines can adversely affect metrics acquisition. We suggest a short service outage to implement the change.

  • TW CLI bug related to AWS SPOT_PRICE_CAPACITY_OPTIMIZED allocation strategy

    tw CLI v0.8 and earlier does not support the SPOT_PRICE_CAPACITY_OPTIMIZED allocation strategy in AWS Batch. Creating or viewing AWS Batch compute environments with this allocation strategy will lead to errors. 

    This issue will be addressed in the upcoming tw CLI v0.9 (release TBD).

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